Centre and Grand. Sound Observation #5

live diffusion of four channel digital audio (2010)

"Sound Observations" is a series of electro-acoustic works – live performances and real time sound installations – that utilize narrow band-pass filters to observe the spectra of live or recorded soundscapes.

For "Centre and Grand", I spent three hours recording on the fire escape of Phill Niblock’s loft at 224 Centre Street, New York. A head-mounted microphone was positioned successively such that the recorded stereo fields were parallel to Centre Street, Grand Street, and in a 45° angle to both.

In a concert performance, the audience is surrounded by four speakers. The recordings are superimposed and mapped to the speakers such that the concert space replicates the spatial layout of the recorded site: in front and from behind, one hears two recordings of Centre Street; from the left and right, two recordings of Grand Street; and diagonally across the room, the 45° angle recordings of both streets.

Each of these six stereo fields is individually scanned by slowly moving band-pass filters. Entry and exit times are chance determined. The duration is 30’10”.

First performed at Experimental Intermedia, New York (the place where the recordings were made), on December 19th, 2010.

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